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2014 Stanley Cup Playoffs Preview Bonanza

In Hockey on April 16, 2014 at 6:35 pm

5281948Oh hey there, playoff hockey. Welcome back. Please, come in. Can I take your coat? Would you like a beer or are you more of a wine fan? Excellent, now please stay forever.

That’s right, we get playoff hockey back and I’m ready to actually do some writing for you loyal readers along with the binge drinking that comes with it. But as usual, work and video games got in the way of doing detailed breakdowns so I’m cramming everything into one post. I have avoided any preview material on the internet, so no one can alter my thoughts.

This is the part where I’m supposed to insert something funny before we get going, but I got nothing. I’m tired and the games are on, so let’s get this over with.

Eastern Conference

Pittsburgh Penguins vs. Columbus Blue Jackets
The fun and loveable Blue Jackets have a chance because Marc-Andre Fleury will be in the Pittsburgh net during the playoffs and damn it, it will make for an entertaining series at the very least. But too much Sidney Crosby and not enough support for Columbus’ Sergei Bobrovsky means the Pens move on. Don’t worry, their fans will still find plenty to complain about. Penguins in six.

New York Rangers vs. Philadelphia Flyers
I have bounced back and forth on this series several times. Henrik Lundqvist vs. Steve Mason feels like it should be enough for me pick the Rangers alone, but I can’t help myself. Claude Giroux has been nuts after the team got off to a terrible start and he carries it over to the playoffs. Flyers in seven.

Boston Bruins vs. Detroit Red Wings
If any team in the East might give the Bruins a scare in the opening round, Detroit is the one that could do just that. This is great for the game because it throws the Red Wings into a series with someone that they could develop an intense rivalry with. It should be deja vu for the Bruins as far as round one goes this year, but the result will be the same. Boston is too good. Bruins in seven.

Tampa Bay Lightning vs. Montreal Canadiens
Everyone is sleeping on this series but I think it will be an entertaining slugfest featuring the game’s best goal scorer and Canada’s only hope. Early advantage goes to Montreal as they boast one of the best goalies in the world while the Bolts’ MVP (Ben Bishop) is out for at least game one. That’s enough for me to take the Habs. Montreal in six.

Western Conference

Colorado Avalanche vs. Minnesota Wild
Everyone in hockey has been waiting for the Avs to come crashing back to Earth based on their unsustainable fancy stats numbers and a goalie playing out of his mind. They’ll play former division foe Minnesota who would be primed for an upset if there wasn’t a giant question mark in the net. Avalanche in six.

St. Louis Blues vs. Chicago Blackhawks
Norris Division, we have missed thee. This series won’t be a throwback to the chaos that ensued during the Black and Blue Division’s heyday, but it’s going to be a war. St. Louis had the President’s Trophy in their sights before crapping the bed late in the year, giving us the matchup we all wanted one round early. St. Louis has been bad in every aspect of the game as of late and they’re going to need to get up for the Hawks before it’s too late. Chicago is too deep and the Blues have too many questions in net and on offense. Blackhawks in six.
Ed. Note: It was REALLY difficult to not rip on the Blues during that. Don’t worry, I’ll do plenty of that on Twitter.

Anaheim Ducks vs. Dallas Stars
Fire wagon hockey will be present in every single game of this series as both teams love to get up and down the ice. Dallas has been a blast to watch and they have the edge in net with Kari Lehtonen over, well, whoever the hell the Ducks decide to play in net. Both teams have a superstar duo and plenty of secondary scoring. But the Ducks have Cam Fowler. That’s enough for me to make my pick. Stars in six. #CamSucks

Want to read an actual preview of the series? Check out our buddy Pierre Canard’s in-depth preview.

San Jose Sharks vs. Los Angeles Kings
My preview for this series is that I drink a lot and wind up in the fetal position because Antti Niemi can’t keep the puck out of the net. Yeah, I’m not going into much detail. Let’s just say I’m not optimistic and I don’t wanna talk about it and JUST LEAVE ME ALONE. Shit. Kings in six.

That’s it. If you want something more in-depth, I’m sure you can find about 5,283 articles on each series. Want more of an in-depth answer from me on the series in the West? Follow me on Twitter and I’ll be sure to answer. Also, follow along for the retweets, especially if you don’t like the Blues.


Someone Didn’t Half-Ass It: Ducks-Stars Series Preview

In Hockey on April 16, 2014 at 6:21 pm

A good friend of the blog, Ducks’ fan Pierre Canard took some time out of his hectic schedule to take a look at the Ducks-Stars first round series. His schedule is more packed than mine and he knocked this bitch out in an hour. Stick tap to him, shame on me.

Stars+Ducks+Hockey_33847737_775397What a season it has been for the Anaheim Ducks. They start off the season with injuries and many questions on defence, a forward core that many said over preformed the season before, and an embarrassment of riches between the pipes. Despite projections league wide from analysts and fans (myself included) that the team may be due for a slight market correction from their 2013 Pacific Division win. I guess the Ducks heard/read about that, starting with an impressive first half that included a ridiculous 20-0-2 home record, eventually clinching the Pacific Division AND #1 Western Conference seed, finishing a single point behind Boston in the President’s trophy race. The Ducks’ D rallied around workhorses Francois Beauchemin and Cam Fowler (ed. note: #CamSucks), with role players and rookies stepping up to provide a solid depth corps. Scoring came easily (the team was second in the league in goals for), and goaltending, well, more on that later.

To start off the playoffs, Anaheim meets an old nemesis, Dallas. The long time “old alignment” Pacific rivals have a storied (but somehow forgotten) history, dating back to the battles in the 90’s that saw the teams really try to injure each other’s star players (look up the nights the late Ruslan Salei nearly killed Mike Modano or Craig Ludwig elbowing Teemu Selanne in what seemed to be a scene out of an MMA match). The teams met once in the playoffs, during the 2002-2003 Mighty Ducks stunning run to the Stanley Cup Final in a very exciting series.

Dallas saw a return to the playoffs (barely) after six years away from the big dance. The Stars relied heavily on the Tyler Seguin-Jamie Benn combination offensively, and relied on a scrappy defense led by Alex Goligoski and Sergei Gonchar, with the always solid Kari Lethonen standing tall in net.

The X Factors:

Goaltending: Anaheim showed off its goaltending depth with Jonas Hiller winning 29 starts, Frederik Andersen 20 wins, and highly touted prospect John Gibson winning all three starts. Hiller is the only playoff tested goalie Anaheim has, but seemed to lose his game towards the end of the season, eventually leading him to be a healthy scratch for the last two weeks of the season (eventually culminating in a series of published quotes showing his displeasure). Andersen and Gibson have shown cool composition on other major stages, but the Ducks self created goalie controversy may come to haunt them .

Slow Starts: Anahiem has had many come from behind wins this season, something that concerns most fans, as the Ducks usually don’t start to play until the second period.

Bruce: Coach Bruce Boudreau has won it all at other levels in his career, but he hasn’t had much NHL level playoff success. Is this the year he goes deep?


Scoring: The Stars will need Seguin and Benn to show up and cannot afford to see their secondary scoring wilt if they want to stand a chance in the playoffs.

Experience: While the Stars do have leadership that has won before, the Stars are a very young team and will rely on the leadership that veterans like Erik Cole, Ray Whitney, Tim Thomas and Sergei Gonchar can provide. This is the first time in the “big show” for most of the Stars youth. If the seasons for both teams are a predictor, it will be a baptism by fire.

Defense: Dallas will require its quiet and relatively unknown defense to keep them in the series plain and simple. The Ducks are capable of being a big, nasty team.

The Ducks will win if: They continue to get secondary scoring, goaltending sorts itself out and the Ducks play like they can. Getzlaf and Perry always are threats, and supplemental goal scorers Nick Bonino, Andrew Cogliano, Mathieu Perrault Patrick Maroon and Kyle Palmieri need to keep contributing. Just a guess but Frederick Andersen starts, and is backed up by John Gibson. Leadership on the team and the team motto of “unfinished business” stemming from last year’s early playoff exit should hopefully motivate the team.

The Stars will win if: Scoring holds up, the Defense holds up and Dallas plays their game. As noted above, the scoring department is Dallas’ biggest worry- without it, they are in tough. Dallas’ defense will need to handle the size and speed Anaheim will throw at them, especially the Getzlaf-Perry-Maroon line. Dallas won the regular season series 2-1, and all of the games were very chippy, with Stars winger Ryan Garbutt frustrating the top line of Anahiem. If they can keep this up, Dallas may get Anaheim off their game.

Season series: ANA 6-3 W , DAL 6-3W, DAL 2-0W- of note Hiller started all of these games and was pulled in favor of Andersen in the sole Ducks win.

Prediction: Oh boy this is closer than most Ducks fans want to admit. I am obviously biased but Anaheim probably edges out the Stars. I don’t want to see it, but if there is an upset in the first round, it could be in this series. Ducks in 6.

I am Pierre Canard, and I would like to thank Ryan for the opportunity to post here. Feel free to have at it with me on Twitter @SargeTheDuck. Be sure to follow @icemancometh (Ducks beat reporter Eric Stephens) and @duckscolorman (Ducks Radio Dan Wood) for Ducks news, and super fans @ACKyleNichols and @duckstalkshow for excellent fan perspectives.

Additionally, follow the trio of misfits from the Battle of California; Earl Sleek, Spade and Jer. They’re funny and that sets them apart from the rest of the Ducks’ fan base.

Because I’m a Very Busy and Lazy Person

In Hockey on October 23, 2013 at 11:58 pm

AbeSooo yeah. I didn’t exactly meet the opening bell when it came to getting my season previews done. Work and life get in the way, so deal with it.

But I am not about to deny my loyal reader(s) the remainder of these previews. Here they are in fast forward, unchanged from the start of the season, beginning where I left off.

Metropolitan Division

Washington Capitals – 3rd Place
Lots of offense, not alot of defense, but this team is going back to the playoffs.

Atlantic Division

Detroit Red Wings
The move East helps this old roster earn their first divison crown as members of the East.

Boston Bruins
Still a physical and nasty group, the Bruins will contend for the division title but just miss out after playing lots of hockey over an 18-month span.

Ottawa Senators
Maybe the most fun team in the league to watch, but with a few of their top forwards prone to injury, the team lacks depth to contend for the top spot. Still a playoff team though.

Toronto Maple Leafs
Defensive issues and possession numbers don’t favor the Leafs as they aim for a second straight playoff berth. Adding Jonathan Bernier means there’s no easy night for opposing shooters.

Tampa Bay Lightning
Suspect defense and a lack of consistent goaltending spells trouble for the Bolts this season.

Buffalo Sabres
They’re not good and the most entertaining thing about this team will be the Ryan Miller/Thomas Vanek trade watch.

Florida Panthers
Still a young group trying to find their way. Adding Tim Thomas helps, but these guys are a long way away from contending for anything other than a lottery pick.

Central Division

Chicago Blackhawks
Loaded at every position, the Blackhawks won’t run over everyone like they did last year but they’re still the class of the NHL.

St. Louis Blues
Great on defense and solid in goal, the Blues are one still one dynamic scorer away from challenging for the top spot in the Central. But man will it suck to play against these guys every night.

/laughs knowing the Sharks pounded the Blues early this year

Minnesota Wild
Still a year or two away from being a serious threat. But this team showed great strides last year and I expect that to continue this year.

Dallas Stars
They’d be higher on this list if I knew Kari Lehtonen wasn’t one play away from falling apart. Still a really good group of young forwards and veterans and a sneaky good defense.

Nashville Predators
They won’t run away with many games this year, but defense and goaltending will keep the Preds in most games this year. Plus, they have American Hero Seth Jones on the rosters, which is awesome.

Colorado Avalanche
A fast and skilled group of forwards makes the Avs a fun team to watch. A shaky defense and spotty goaltending do them in. But man will Patrick Roy be fun to watch as a coach.

Winnipeg Jets
They couldn’t win the worst division in hockey the last two years. That’s bad news as they transition to the West. Ondrej Pavelec is not a franchise goaltender. Why can’t Jets’ management understand this?

Pacific Division

Los Angeles Kings
They have the right mix of skill, toughness and great goaltending. They’ll be in the mix for the Stanley Cup again this year.

San Jose Sharks
It’s the last shot for this group to win. They’ll still roll out world-class talent at forward and have a very good goaltender in Antti Niemi. One serious injury to the forwards will doom the Sharks.

(This was my thought before their red-hot start. I never would have expected what has happened.

Anaheim Ducks
Lucky for you, Pierre Canard has you covered with an actual in-depth preview. Read it now.

Vancouver Canucks
They’re a tire fire waiting to happen, but they still possess some of the best talent in the world. They’re not elite anymore though. And the Sharks own them, which is great for everyone.

Phoenix Coyotes
Still stingy on defense and the score more than you think. I’d be shocked if they didn’t earn the West’s final wild card spot.

Edmonton Oilers
I still don’t trust this team on defense and in net. That’s bad news for a fan base that expects to win now.

Calgary Flames
Oof. Calgary needs to fail badly to try to lock up the top pick in next year’s draft. They’ll battle, but they’re very short on talent.

There ya go. I did not take anything that has happened so far into account for these brief previews. I’m sure everyone will agree with me though…

I am Ryan Thomas, and I’m glad I don’t do this for a living. Follow me on Twitter @rthomas_22, because if you like hockey, you’ll like following me.